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Historic Garden Park Fossil Area 


Webster Pass

Webster pass connects the Montezuma area to South Park.  It starts near the headwaters of the Snake River crossing the mountains and then proceeding south into the northern part of South Park.  When you reach the summit from the north you proceed down Handcart Gulch...

Argentine Pass

The eastern side of Argentine Pass was accessed on July 8, 2015 by Dan, Chris, and JoAnn Grenard.  The western side was accessed on July 9, 2015.  The east side of the pass is accessible by four wheel drive vehicles and the west side which is nicely accessible to a...

Dead Man’s Canyon

Background All the information at the beginning of this post is available to provide some context.   This ghost story that was conveyed by Marshall P. Felch to Fitz-Mac in 1884 will be told in its entirety further into the post.  This story was located in the Western...

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