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Webster pass connects the Montezuma area to South Park.  It starts near the headwaters of the Snake River crossing the mountains and then proceeding south into the northern part of South Park.  When you reach the summit from the north you proceed down Handcart Gulch and Hall Valley to South Park and the Platte River which is the featured image above.

This pass was developed about 1865 in response to a silver rush.   This was a major freight route from South Park which provided access to Denver from the Snake River Mining District.  My interest in this pass is that Marshall and Amanda Felch utilized this access and their second son Webster Emerson was named after one of the Webster brothers who developed the pass. The Felch story blog discusses Webster Pass.


looking east at Pass. Montezuma is to the left, South Park is to the right.

Webster Pass is located about five miles south of Montezuma Colorado and accessed primarily on four wheel drive roads.  The route is nicely described in a website called   Our goal was to access the pass from the north side which is considered the easier side. The south side was currently blocked by a snow bank near the top of the pass.  It was all very bumpy but relatively easy for us other than the last switchback that seemed more like a ditch than a road.